Step-Brother Arrested in Child's Death

Jason Stull sat on the steps outside his Covington home Thursday night shaking. He can not imagine why someone killed his 3-year-old daughter.

Police can't answer that right now either, but they believe they know who killed Cameron Stull, and it's someone she knows very well. Thursday morning they arrested her step-brother, 20-year-old Jeffrey Bailer and charged with murder and rape.

According to the police citation, Bailer admitted to raping the girl, then placing "his hand over [the] 3-year-old victim's nose and mouth and pressed until the baby quit breathing." The sudden violence jolted the entire Covington neighborhood.

"I was real, real sad and real shocked," Doris Huff, a neighbor, says. "She was so cute, so precious. We're going to miss her, really are."

Cameron and Bailer were two of ten siblings living in the house. Jason Stull says Bailer was babysitting the girl Wednesday. Friends say when they went to the house after school, everything seemed normal. "[Bailer] said he laid her down [for a nap]," Steven Murphy, a friend of the family says, "and she never woke up."

Murphy says Cameron usually took a nap on the couch at that time in the afternoon. He says he and other teens were there when they realized something was wrong with the girl. "Cameron was pale and my girlfriend flipped her over and her lips were blue," he says.

Covington police investigated the scene through Wednesday night. By the morning, they had arrested Bailer. He's being held in the Kenton County Jail on no bond. If convicted, he could face the death penalty.