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Woman saves toddler hit by car

Angelika Nunn, a CPR certified trainer. Angelika Nunn, a CPR certified trainer.

A wrong turn may have saved a toddler's life by putting a CPR instructor in the right place at the right time.

Angelika Nunn, a CPR certified trainer, was leaving her office Saturday with her brother when he made a wrong turn down Banning Road. 

Traffic was stopped when a man approached their vehicle to say a young boy was hit by a car and killed.

That is when Nunn grabbed her key chain with some very important tools on it.

“A CPR barrier mask. I always keep one of these in my car and one on my key chain just in case. This is the one I had on Saturday and I already replaced it,” said Nunn.

A 2-year-old boy playing in his yard took a few steps too far into Banning Road when a driver struck him.

Nunn says she rushed to the 2-year-old's side through dozens of spectators to see if anything could be done.

"He didn't have a pulse, a heartbeat, no signs of life so I instantly just started doing the CPR and I just kept doing it,” said Nunn. "As I'm pumping him, I'm saying hey little guy. Mommy is here. I'm trying to jog him to breathe and to keep breathing because I was scared to death."

"Doing what is necessary and doing what should be done when the opportunity presents itself is very heroic,” said Jim Love with Colerain Police Department.

Love says that 2-year-old remains in critical but stable condition at the hospital and continues to improve every day. While Angelika won't classify herself as a hero, Love says plenty of Colerain police officers will.

"At the end of the day I think if it wasn't for God putting me in that position. He guided my steps. I think he was that strength that gave me to pump on him because as I said I was so exhausted. I give God all the praises for sure,” said Nunn.

Colerain Police say they are not criminally charging the driver who struck the child. However, they are telling drivers to keep their eyes open with summer around the corner and more children expected to be outside.

Nunn says she is offering a free CPR training course to the mother of the child hit by the car. She is also offering the class to any of the spectators that day who did not have the training to help.

You can reach Nunn to schedule your own classes at Light of Hope Services LLC 7051 Colerain Avenue Suite C at 513-252-3648 or by email lightofhopeservices@yahoo.com

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