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5 common ticket scams

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With Cincinnati hosting the All-Star game and several big concerts stopping through, con artists will be working overtime with ticket scams this summer.

Before you shell out cash for tickets, be aware of these five common ticket scams:

Counterfeit Tickets: Good printers and paper make it easy for criminals to produce “legitimate-looking” tickets that are really just fakes. You don't realize it until the ticket won't scan at the gate. Don't trust your eyes alone.

Tickets that are actually copies: A thief buys a legitimate ticket, then copies it over and over again, and sells all of the copies. The first person to use the ticket (and the barcode) gets in, but no one else will.

Selling old tickets: The thief promises you tickets to an upcoming game or concert, you exchange the money, and only then notice that the tickets are actually to a prior event (and have already been used).

Premium tickets that aren't really premium: You agree to pay for tickets close to the stage or field, and pay a premium for those seats. Only when you get to the venue do you realize you paid a premium price for nosebleed seats.

Pay the money, but no tickets: You agree on a price for the tickets, the seller asks you to wire or send the money, you do so, but never receive the tickets.

5 ways to avoid ticket scams

  1. Be wary of buying on Craigslist or eBay: Buy tickets on a site that guarantees your purchase, such as Ticketmaster or StubHub.

  2. Don't fall for sob stories: Thieves know how to play on your emotions; don't fall for stories full of personal details on auction sites.

  3. Don't pay with cash: Pay with a credit card and the company will reimburse you and go after the thief if you're a fraud victim. Paying with PayPal will mean you're reimbursed, too, if you report the fraud quickly. Paying with cash means you'll lose the money.

  4. Meet face-to-face in a public place: Don't show up alone to a secluded spot with a lot of cash!

  5. Check the seats before you buy: Check the venue's website for seating charts and event dates before you buy any tickets.

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