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Chief: Cop shooter prison sentence "a slap in the face"

North College Hill police and the Hamilton County Prosecutos Office are appalled a gunman who shot twice at a police offficer was sentenced to less than the minimum.





"He was charged with five different charges

five were felnies and the total amoutn of maximum of time was 28 yearws

the minimum would be 13  years

he was given 12 with one year credit

felony of first degree is mandatory three years

the attempted murder of a plice officer with a peace offier spec is a andatorty seven years and wiht the gun spec is a anatory three years

it is certaily our feeling that we 

"we felt that a 20 years was a justifable sentence. we felt strongly that 13 being the minimum was tpo accepteable and yet hte judge went below the minimum standwards so based on the infraotmioan at the trial and consutlation with the hamiton co proscutor they are going to review that and fly that up the flagpole and if hte powers to be are in concurarnce wth that they will likkely appeal the sentencing based that it didn't even meet minimum guideiones.

Mark Piepmeijer

he was surpsirised

we were actually taken aback

one of hte concerns we had is at no time did this indiivudal ever show any remorse. he did not show any remorse the night of the shooting. he told police "I wish I had killed that bitch ass cop."

and then he also on the stand made the statement he doens't like police offiers

and you know this case was pretty much an open and shut case

both rounds were recovreed. the gun was recoverd. the invidual gave us a atestemnt ath ngiht

one of the shotgs narrowly missed

he fired twice

his itnent wasn't to shoot to get away. his intent in our opinion was to actually strike and kil the officer or he wouldn't have wshot twice.

there is so much out there right now with the police and the use of force and this offifer after being shot at twice and knowikng the induvusal was stil armed and extrmely dangerous c-pontinued a foot pursuit of hte indivual and locateed him about a block awsay, arrewtsed him adn recovered the firearm without additional incidnet

so we feel we prestned a very strong case.

pleased with tprosecution

i felt they presented a very stron gcase and i thin it was quite edvidenet based on the fjury they were out probably including their lunch break an hour and 20 minutes an came back guilty on all five counts

your jury is a fair and equitable reprsentation of the community

i think th ejudge's deciison wasn't representative of the community adn was a travesty and was a slap in the face to law enforcement.

anytime otfficers invovled in a situation like that we certainly sent him hom that night and made him take three days nad irected him to go down for counseling, whic is standard procedure. but i think the importntat hing to note here is not only the psychological impact it has on the officer and the offcer's family. certainly teh wife and kids undertand the perils of the job but when this beomes a reality. he's got three kids and a wife and everytime he leaves for work now i think that heightens that epectation: is he going to come home?

there is a way that you ca file a complaint against a judge and it avtally sent up to columbus so we would certainly not do that without consutation first with the hamilton county prosecutors office.

he has been an officer there about 10 years veteran.....he hasn't been here that whole time.

thbird shifts

offier shaun milller, 1982

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