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Brothers in Newport says "no" to Miley's bro

Trace Cyrus. (Source: Instagram/@tracecyrus) Trace Cyrus. (Source: Instagram/@tracecyrus)
NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) - Musician Trace Cyrus claims he was denied entry to a Newport bar because of his tattoos.

Miley Cyrus' older sibling called out Brothers Bar and Grill in an expletive-filled Instagram rant posted last Thursday.

“Been all around the world and never had anyone deny me getting into anywhere because of my tattoos,” Cyrus captioned the video, which appears to take place outside the Newport on the Levee bar.

Cyrus, 26, fronts the band Metro Station and isn't shy about his heavily tattooed body.

In the Instagram post, the Kentucky native urged his followers to call the bar and complain.

“I'm from Kentucky and to see an establishment like this really shocked me,” he wrote.

Younger sister Noah came to Cyrus' defense via Instagram, writing “he is completely made of art and if they knew him on the inside then they would know thats the truth,”

Meanwhile, support from social media has been mixed. Some commenters called it discrimination and others defended the bar's policy.

On Wednesday, Brother's released a statement on its Facebook page. It read: 

"To all our guests and inquiring public, we wanted to let you know that Brothers Bar & Grill in Newport is supportive of tattoos, body art, and many other ways people choose to display their individuality. Our employees, past and present, have visible body art; Even full sleeves of tattoos while wearing our short sleeved uniforms. Our owners have tattoos. But like a lot of other establishments, we do set limits. Our admittance and hiring policy prohibits facial tattoos or tattoos above the neckline. We work hard to ensure our admittance policy is enforced evenly to all. Thanks!"

"I don't think you can judge somebody by their tattoos. I don't have them. I don't particularly care for them but I know a lot of people that do have them and they are good people,” Beth Craddock said.

FOX19 NOW asked Newport on the Levee patrons what they thought about the controversy.

“Especially when it is like on your face. I can definitely see how that could be really distracting. If a customer walks in and sees that they may be less likely to do business there,” Mason Damska said.

Cyrus and Metro Station were in town Thursday playing a show at Newport's Thompson House.

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