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Happening Today: High school tackles heroin epidemic

TAYLOR MILL, KY (FOX19) - The heroin epic remains very much alive in the Tri-State, despite new numbers showing heroin overdose deaths are down in Northern Kentucky.
Taylor Mill city leaders and Kenton County Schools are teaming up Thursday to put on a student program about the impacts of addiction at Scott High School.
The program will be presented to all senior students, uniting a large group of community stakeholders such as parents, teachers, police and city leaders as part of what the district calls a pro-active approach.
They are expected to review some key points with students: the rise in crime, arrests and court cases as a result of heroin, the health risks associated with the drug; new legislation for trafficking, and resources are available to addicts.
District officials say it is vital they educate and raise awareness before students get involved.  They are stressing this in schools throughout the district, even holding roundtable discussions in some of the elementary schools.
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