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How to prevent backovers

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As many as 50 children are involved in back over incidents every week in the United States, according to the child safety group

Here are safety tips to avoid back overs from

Blindzones: A blindzone is the area behind the vehicle where the driver cannot see when looking back and using their rear and side view mirror correctly.

-Average blindzone = 15 to 25 feet

-Shorter drivers = larger blindzones

-Over 60% of backovers involve a larger vehicle (truck, van, SUV)

Circumstances: Backovers take place mainly in driveways and parking lots.

- In over 70% of these incidents, a parent or close relative is the driver behind the wheel.

Contributing factors: You cannot avoid hitting something you literally cannot see

Most drivers are unaware of the very large, dangerous blindzone that is found behind ALL vehicles.

-Children do not understand the danger of a slow moving vehicle; they believe if they see the vehicle, the driver can see them.

-Children do not recognize boundaries (property lines, sidewalks, driveways or parking spaces) and are very impulsive.


-The predominant age of backover victims is one-year-old. (12-23 months). Toddlers have just started walking/running at this age, testing the limits and trying new things.

-Children younger than 5-years-old are at the most risk, but children of all ages can be backed over.

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