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Reality Check: Obamacare in trouble

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Republicans have tried and failed 56 times to repeal the affordable care act, the latest vote coming three months ago. Yet the GOP is now closer than ever to seeing an end to Obamacare, at least as we know it.

The US Supreme Court's ruling in King v. Burwell is expected sometime next month. At issue, the way the Affordable Care Act is worded. The suit calling into question whether the Obama administration is breaking the law by providing subsidies to people in 34 states to help them pay for their health insurance. The high court's decision could abruptly end coverage for as many as eight million Americans including hundreds of thousands here in Ohio and in Indiana. Right now nearly 197,000 Ohioans are receiving government subsidies to offset the cost of their health care coverage while in Indiana the number is nearly 193,000.

While Kentucky's Kynect--with its more than half-a-million enrollees--continues to be one of the ACA's greatest success stories the truth is almost half of the other state-run exchanges are struggling financially with taxpayers on the hook for nearly $30 million in annual operating expenses per state

The biggest threat to Obamacare comes next fall. The Hamilton County's Republican Party Chairman laid out some of a GOP plan already in place for replacing Obamacare following the Presidential election. 

"Republicans, if given the white house and if they continue to control both houses of congress will have a replace agenda and it will take care of things on a peace-meal basis. Things like pre-existing conditions, staying on your parents insurance, some of the good things that were part of this," Alex Triantifilou said. 

Even if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the Obama Administration and even if another democrat wins the White House the fact is the Affordable Care Act is in trouble, that's the bottom line, and that's Reality Check.

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