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Rules of the road: What to do during a funeral procession

Have you ever come across a funeral procession while driving?

It's a confusing scenario for many, and uncertain drivers create a real risk for those participating in the procession, including police officers guiding the line of vehicles.

Here's what to expect during a funeral procession, according to Ohio Traffic Law: 

1. Yield the right of way

Unless otherwise directed by a police officer, pedestrians and the operators of all vehicles, street cars and trackless trolleys must yield the right of way to each vehicle that is a part of a funeral procession. 

2. Funeral processions can proceed through an intersection during a red light

Whenever the lead vehicle in a funeral procession lawfully enters an intersection, the rest of the vehicles in the procession may continue to follow the lead vehicle through the intersection, provided that the operator of each vehicle exercises due care to avoid colliding with any other vehicle or pedestrian.

3. Vehicles in funeral processions will be clearly marked

Vehicles in a funeral procession must have the headlights of the vehicle lighted and display a purple and white or orange and white pennant in such a manner as to be clearly visible to traffic approaching from any direction.

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