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Up for Parole: Former Covington Financial Director could be a free


The former Covington Financial Director will have his first parole hearing in July.

Bob Due pleaded guilty to embezzling nearly $800,000 and has served one-year out of his 10-year sentence.

Due was caught stealing money from Covington for of more than 12 years by writing issuance checks to himself.

Now as Covington celebrates its Maifest this week, locals are surprised that he could be up for parole so soon.

Robert Sullivan is outraged by the example this could set.

“We're trusting people we don't even know, we never even seen with our money, and for him to go and steal from us blind, it's not right,” said Sullivan.

People like Laura Smith does not think it is a big deal.

"He's not a harden criminal,” said Smith. “I don't think he's going to go out and kill anybody or rob anybody so I don't care in that regard.”

Prosecutor Rob Sanders wrote a letter to the parole board persuade them to deny his parole.

“Unlike most defendants about who I write to the Parole Broad, Mr. Due is not violent or dangerous. Mr. Due's crimes, however, rock the City of Covington to its very foundation…” wrote Sanders. “In all candor based solely on the likelihood of re-offending, Mr. Due is probably one of the best candidates for probation you will ever meet. With that being said, parole simply is not appropriate at this time because it would send a horrible message to the community.”


Those are sentiments that Sullivan share that Sanders. Sullivan said that money came from hard working people and should have been used to help them.

“I mean if this guy hadn't stole the money, and he put it into the city, to fix roads, you know tear down some of the old houses, and build new ones,” said Sullivan.

The City of Covington has made reforms to not allow these actions to happen again, and they are still recovering the money through Due's pension and the settlement of lawsuits.

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