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Gear bag handout for 8 Days of Greatness Kick-off

(PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Shawn Lanier) (PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Shawn Lanier)

Organizers of the 8 Days of Greatness movement handed out over 800 gear bags to participants in Alms Park Saturday afternoon.

The 8 Days of Greatness movement is an opportunity for all people, regardless of age or location, to participate in a movement to spread greatness by giving something of themselves daily for 8 days. From May 18-May 25 organizers want you to show people around how great you are.

The 8 days came from the 8 days the City of Cincinnati came together to help find University of Cincinnati student Brogan Dulle. He was later found in an abandon building where he took his own life.

Family members said they organized this movement to thank the city and remember the greatness that everyone has inside the,.

Each of the 8 days will have a theme which are passion, gratitude, generosity, kindness, remembrance, love, celebration and selflessness.

Brogan's mom, Beth Dulle, said this is something she wants the whole world to participate in, and she hopes it last for longer than 8 days.

“It doesn't take very much to do something for someone else that can have a big effect on their lives,” said Beth. “We just want people to realize how much greatness they have within, and it's not hard to share that.”

Nearly 3,000 people have registered to participate in 8 Days of Greatness from 50 states and 6 countries.

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