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New Cincinnati garbage rules in effect

New Cincinnati garbage and waste rules went into effect Sunday. (FOX19 NOW/file) New Cincinnati garbage and waste rules went into effect Sunday. (FOX19 NOW/file)
Some Cincinnati residents could wake up with a warning on their trash starting Monday.

New garbage and waste rules are now in effect. Starting Sunday, an orange tag will be put on garbage piles and cans that violate city policy. The tags are a reminder to the resident that they have two weeks to fix the issue. 

After June 1, the Department of Public Services will place a new tag on improperly prepared trash requesting citizens to call 591-6000 for pickup after the violation has been corrected. The resident will receive a citation for improperly prepared trash.

“This is not about being punitive, fining people," Jerry Wilkerson, Superintendent of the Neighborhood Operations Division of Cincinnati Public Services, told FOX19 NOW. "It's basically to deter bad behavior."

Residents could be fined $50 for using the wrong type of garbage can or anywhere from $200 to $2,000 for improperly setting out construction debris.

The changes are part of a new trash policy that began last month. As part of those changes, the collection program switched from a five-day to four-day schedule to allow crews to spend Fridays working on special projects, according to the city.

Guidelines and proposed fines:

  • Using improper waste container: $100
  • Early or late set-out of garbage for collection: $50
  • Dumping: $2,000
  • Improper use of corner cans: $50
  • Improper set-out of personal property $100 - $1,000
  • Improper set-out of yard waste: $50
  • Setting out "unacceptable waste" for collection $50
  • Setting out construction debris: $200 - $2,000
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