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How to keep food safe at your Memorial Day cookout

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Dust off the grill and stock up on charcoal. Memorial Day is around the corner and that means the officials start of Summer cookout season.

Before you invite the friends over, refresh your knowledge summer cookout safety to avoid unwelcome foodborne bacteria at your backyard bash. 

Steps to reduce foodborne illness: 

Cook: Cook meat, poultry and eggs thoroughly. Use a food thermometer to measure internal temperature to make sure food has been cooked sufficiently to kill bacteria. 

Separate: Don't cross-contaminate one food with another. Avoid cross-contaminating foods by washing hands, utensils, and cutting boards after they have been in contact with raw meat. 

Chill: Refrigerate leftovers promptly. Bacteria can grow at room temperature so refrigerate leftover food within four hours. 

Clean: Wash produce. Rinse fruits and vegetables in running tap water to remove visible dirt and grime. Discard outermost leaves of a head of lettuce or cabbage. 

Report: Inform your local health department of suspected foodborne illnesses.

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