Local Company Grades Super Ads

For millions of Americans, the Super Bowl has little to do with football, and everything to do with television ads. For those folks, Sunday was super.

And Sunday was busy for Pete Blackshaw. He works for Cincinnati based Intelliseek and it's his job to monitor which ads are hits and which ones are misses. Intelliseek will be in contact with more than 3 million people to try and generate what it calls the "water cooler" effect. In essence, which commercials everybody will be talking about Monday.

During the game, Blackshaw got real-time feedback from a handpicked group of bloggers. Their favorite ads were the Ameriquest Mortgage "accidental robber," the Fed-Ex "tips to advertising," and all the Pepsi ads.

Budweiser is always a hit at the Super Bowl, but Blackshaw says this year it was hit-and-miss. In fact, the Bud ad that scored best was not a traditionally funny ad, but the serious "soldiers homecoming" ad.

Monkeys were a bad sign for Super Bowl advertisers. Blackshaw says both Career Builder and Verizon scored very low with monkeys in their ads. He also says the Cialis ad was not popular at all.

The biggest question of the night, according to Blackshaw, is why Ford ran the same ad three times. His bloggers wondered if it was a mistake.

Over the next week, Intelliseek will analyze millions of opinions and critiques, and share the data with many of the companies that advertised during the Super Bowl.