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Betsy Ross: The New England Patriots and Deflate-Gate


If I've been asked a question over the last few weeks other than Pete Rose, it's been about Tom Brady and what eventually should happen with the New England Patriots' latest dust-up with the NFL front office.

I think anyone who's been part of sports knows that "gamesmanship," if you want to call it that, is part of the effort to win. Remember the "eligible, ineligible" player that the Patriots used in the playoffs? It was legal, but was pushing the rules enough that the NFL has indeed passed a rule preventing a similar move in the future.

But deflating footballs has more of a consequence than giving the quarterback a firmer grip to throw. We don't have to go much farther than former Bengals running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

In his four years with New England, the Law Firm had (to quote Taylor Swift) “never, ever, ever, ever” fumbled the football. In those years, he had 510 attempts. And never fumbled.

Fast forward to his time with Cincinnati, where he had 498 attempts. Three fumbles his first year in stripes, including three in two games, then twice his last year in Cincinnati, in 2013.

What was different? The weather? Probably not. The defense? The two teams play similar schedules in the AFC.

Perhaps, the air pressure in the footballs.

So now, the "alleged" change in air pressure not only benefits Tom Brady, but benefits his offensive teammates who also touch the football, giving them a better grip. The Bengals brought in Green-Ellis as a free agent, believing he wouldn't fumble. But he did.

So as “Deflategate” plays out, remember, it doesn't involve just Tom Brady, but anyone on his team who handled the football. And its effects ripple throughout the NFL.

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