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Tiny homes to be built in OTR


Over-The-Rhine will be seeing some new real estate by the end of the year. Tiny homes are on the way to OTR.

The 250 square-foot homes are about the length of a parking space and a bathroom.

A fellowship is allowing developer Bradley Cooper to map out the blueprint for the project. Cooper has a background in architecture and says he wants to make difference here in the city. He saw a need for affordable housing in the urban core.

“It's also about trying to find a market solution. So rather than providing subsidies and providing a rent voucher, actually enabling someone who is making $25,000 a year to be able to afford a home,” said Cooper.

The plan calls for two homes to be built in OTR. Construction is set to start in September.

The homes will sell for about $70,000. Cooper says a monthly mortgage should be around $500.

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