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Kara Sewell: Controlled chaos

Is it too late to talk about New Year's resolutions? Maybe, except this year I've actually kept one of mine. 

I would love some jazz hands, snaps or a round of applause! This is a big deal! Typically, I'm a neat person (and I don't mean my personality) but I have never been organized.

I don't have a lot of time before work and I cannot get up any earlier. Gasp! But my lack of organizational skills is really cutting into my morning routine by 10-15 minutes and we all know those morning minutes are precious. 

This year, I vowed to pick out my clothes, jewelry and shoes the night before work, pretty heavy stuff (insert sarcasm). And it's working! I actually listened to all those experts we have on the morning show and my mother. Instead of buying a big jewelry box I spent $20 and bought a tie rack and some ice cube trays. 

I'm not a professional organizer but I find these two things work for me. I use a tie rack to hang all of my necklaces and I keep my bracelets and rings on top. The tie rack has more than two dozen pegs and I can fit multiple necklaces on each peg so the one rack holds all of them. I didn't buy the biggest or most expensive tie rack so clearly if you have more jewelry there are options. 

I use the ice cube trays to store all of my earrings. I have three ice cube trays and they sit in my top dresser drawer for easy display. I would like to say each tray is organized by hoop, stud or dangle but let's not get crazy! That may be my 2016 resolution. 

Either way, I'm getting to work earlier and I'm sure my boss appreciates that. 

What are your organizing hacks? I would love to hear them. I need all the help I can get!

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