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Backyard safety tips for Memorial Day

. - The first official holiday kicking off the summer season is happening this weekend.  

Many celebrations are held in the backyard, but if you're not careful, some of those celebrations could end in a trip to the emergency room.

The International Code Council is offering some great tips to keep you safe.  

First, make the grilling area a "no play zone".  

Keep kids and pets away from the area until the grill is completely cool.  You'll also want to check the propane cylinder hose for leaks.  

Don't add charcoal starter fluid when coals have already been ignited.

A simple walk through of your backyard could also help prevent injuries.  

One of the easiest tips is to make sure you don't leave toys, tools or equipment in the yard.  

If you have a playset, do a good inspection of that.  Look for sharp objects, rusty metal pieces, cracked wood or weakened support pieces.  And, 

don't just look at the frame. Slides, swings and playhouses should all be inspected.

 The most important piece of safety information for parents this summer is to constantly supervise your kids near all bodies of water.  

Drowning is a leading cause of death to children under five.  

Here's something you might not know: in-ground and above-ground pools, including inflatable pools holding more than 24 inches of water, must 

be surrounded by a fence or barrier at least four feet high. Keep a space near the fence for lifesaving devices, including a phone.  Make sure drain 

covers are properly fitted to have vacuum suction releases to prevent being trapped under water.  

Install a pool alarm that will let you know if someone enters the pool.  

If you have a hot tub, it should be set at 104 degrees or lower to avoid elevated body temperatures.

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