Athletic Director Accused Of Assault

** Update**

Charges have been dropped against Kesselring. According to sources Kesselring is in mediations with the boy's family.

One of the biggest basketball games of the year turned into one of the ugliest incidents in recent memory for Amelia High School, and left it's athletic director charged with assault.

The Friday night game against Mason didn't go like the Amelia fans had hoped. By the end of it, with Mason winning, one of the frustrated Amelia students was thrown out of the gym for cursing at a referee. Athletic director, Ken Kesselring escorted the student out into the hallway and within seconds a melee ensued.

Witnesses disagree how it happened, some say Kesselring pushed the student, others say they tripped together; but in any case, police reports say both ended up falling to the floor. When another student came to "cool off" his friend on the floor, police say Kesselring grabbed him by the throat with both hands and slammed him up against a wall. Several witnesses, both students and adults, say Kesselring used awful judgement in getting physical with the student.

But according to the police report, other witnesses say Kesselring put his hands on the student's chest, not throat, and his actions were necessary to deal with the out-of-control students.

Monday, Clermont County Prosecutor Don White told FOX19 since Kesselring and the students were at fault, and because nobody was injured, he has decided to put the criminal charge on hold and let the case go through mediation first. He hopes by the end of the week both sides can agree they made an error in judgement and take steps to make sure something like this never happens again.

Until the criminal case is worked out, Kesselring will be on paid administrative leave from the district.