Special Delivery in Parking Lot

The stork suddenly swooped down on a Marathon gas station in Ross Township Sunday night. A Hamilton woman gave birth lying on the ground in the parking lot, in 40 degree weather.

Just before 9:00 Sunday night, and still 20 minutes away from Mercy Hospital, Richelle Broshear told her husband Kevin it was time, and she meant it. "I just realized we weren't going to make it," she says.

Kevin Broshear called 911, then pulled into the Marathon station and began to get to work. "At that point, we just knew it was going to happen. Worrying didn't set in until after the fact," he says.

Kevin rubbed Richelles back and helped her lie down on the pavement then yelled for towels and help. But there was nothing posh at the pumps.

Just then, two Ross Township police officers pulled in to help. Officer Greg Turner says, "she was lying on a trash bag. Officer Brown got the medic bag and what he did was get a blanket out for her to lay on."

But the officers say it was dad who took charge. Kevin gently held his new baby sons head as Cowan made his way into the world.

Medics arrived just in time to cut the umbilical cord and wisk mom and baby off to the hospital.

"To see a child be born and delivered by his father is very unique and I am glad I got to witness that," says Officer Turner.

Cowan has a big brother and sister waiting for him to come home. Both mom and baby are doing great.