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Grassroots group sheds light on streetcar project


Streetcar construction continues in the city, despite opposition from some city council members. This afternoon the Grassroots organization "Believe in Cincinnati" held a town hall to give more clarity on the project. It's something that's clouding what supporters want to be a clear vision.

“It's really important to get the information out there. This is one the largest public infrastructures projects of our lifetime and the taxpayer deserves to know what's going on,” said Ryan Messer.

Messer is the founder of "Believe in Cincinnati". He wants to shed light on the stages of the project.

As it stands right now, the new streetcars will be rolling in September but not for the public. That's because of the extensive on track testing that has to take place. The meeting is also giving the public some insight as to what to expect.

“What we see today is an absence information largely because there is some opposition at city hall about the project in general and we're going to correct that information gap tonight,” said Messer.

Not only was the meeting important to those who live in and near the project zone, but for those with businesses as well.

“Our development in Over-The Rhine are totally based on the streetcar route. Every single one in one block,” said CEO of Grandin Properties Peg Wyant.

Thought there are naysayers, supporters believe this is the right move for the city.

“This puts us in the new millennium and we have to have a modern transportation system and I regard the OTR piece as a start,” said Wyant.

The streetcar system is expected to be up and running in late summer or early fall of 2016.

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