Grinchly Scam

Federal jury convicts man for stealing from schoolkids

A federal jury has convicted a man prosecutors call a real-life "Grinch." David Ellisor faces a maximum of 40 years in prison for stealing thousands of dollars from school children by selling tickets to a phony Christmas pageant. He used University of Miami stationary to imply that the "Christmas From Around the World" show was being put on by the "Washington, D.C., International Diplomatic Corps" and was sponsored by the school and ambassadors from 28 countries. Ellisor has already spent a year in jail, awaiting trial for the scam that left hundreds of students crying outside a closed convention center in December 2003. Miami-Dade County school officials estimate that Ellisor was paid up to 50-thousand dollars. He used 38-hundred dollars of students' money for a final payment on a Jaguar sports car.