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Slaughterhouse escape

Cow shot, killed after west side jaunt

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A cow escaped from a Cincinnati slaughter house creating chaos for motorists as it hoofed its way across the Western Hills viaduct.

The cow walked out the back gate of Tri-State Beef Company Wednesday morning and made its way across the Western Hills viaduct with company employees in hot pursuit. 

The cow on the run caught the attention of scores motorists including Eric Berting who says he had to take some pictures.

“Looked up. There's a cow coming down the center lane so did what anybody else would do. Stopped the car, pulled out the camera and started taking pictures,” said Berting.

One of Eric's photos is a big hit on twitter. He took the photo because he says otherwise no one would believe him. 

“At first I didn't believe my eyes because normally you don't see a cow just coming down the middle of the road," said Berting "After I saw it coming down a little bit further I was like yeah I'm pretty sure that's a cow.”

A company employee caught up with the cow. Cincinnati Police Sergeant Steve Miller said the employee shot at the cow once it charged. The employee shot a second time after the cow charged again. The second shot proved to be fatal. 

The Tri-State Beef Company said the escape was not due to any negligence and that the cow was put down in a humane manner.  

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