Police say a dangerous sexual predator is off the street Wednesday

Keith Mustin was in court Wednesday morning accused of brutally raping 2 teenaged girls.

FOX19 has learned that this is far from Mustin's first time. Two seventeen year old girls say their nightmare began inside a Lingo Street apartment, when they were coaxed into the home of 23 year old Mustin.

Mustin had lived with a woman, neighbors believed was his grandmother. However, she apparently wasn't home when police say he attacked the teens, brutally raping both and cutting one with a knife.

Police say he released the girls after explaining that he was, quote, "going to die anyway so he might as well let them go." Neighbors say Mustin was frightening.

Crimestoppers tip lead police to Mustin around two o' clock Tuesday afternoon in an apartment in Sadamsville. They say he gave up quitely. Police say he will likely be behind bars for a long time.