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Betsy Ross: A-Rod, a man without a fan

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FOX19 - Alex Rodriguez continues to reach offensive milestones with the Yankees, almost with every at-bat.

And no one cares.

A-Rod hit a three-run homer Wednesday to pass Lou Gehrig and move into third place on baseball's all-time RBI list with 1,995.

And no one is sure what to do about it.

Rodriguez, of course, missed all of last season because of the Biogenesis drug scandal. The Yankees, as did a lot of people, thought he would go away. Instead, the 39-year old seems to be playing better than he has in years.

When A-Rod hit his 660th career home run earlier this season, tying Willie Mays for fourth all time, the Yankees were supposed to pay up a $6 million marketing bonus. They've refused. Rodriguez is expected to let the Players Association challenge that.

So that's left the Yankees in an awkward position: Do they celebrate a record they don't think was reached without drug use? Do they cheer A-Rod on the field while they battle him in arbitration?

Whatever the outcome, Rodriguez continues to play well and check off career milestones. The next player he's scheduled to pass on the RBI list?

Barry Bonds.

Somehow, in baseball's post-steroid era, that is fitting. 

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