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Kara Sewell: Grab your fanny pack, Chicago bound!

Chicago (FOX19/Kara Sewell) Chicago (FOX19/Kara Sewell)
Kara Sewell and her brother, Rusty Sewell. Kara Sewell and her brother, Rusty Sewell.
When my brother told me he was flying to Chicago to run the Soldier Field 10 Miler, I thought I want to go! 

I didn't want to run; I wanted to cheer him on, and then go grab brunch. 

I had never been to Chicago and, thanks to my co-workers, had a long list of things to do during our 72 hour visit. 

We drove in Friday afternoon. Traffic in the city was a nightmare, but we cranked up the music, opened the sunroof and enjoyed Lake Shore Drive as best we could. 

My favorite meteorologist Frank helped me score a 4-star hotel off Michigan Avenue on Hotwire for a fraction of what we would have spent. 

We brought the dog (this was also a first). She actually did very well sans the barking at night when people would get on and off the elevator. 

Note to self: request a room far from the elevator.

We kicked off our tour of the city on a segway. The 2 ½-hour sunset tour started at Millennium Park and traveled along the shoreline, up to Field 

Museum and the planetarium. 

I found the tour on Groupon for about $30 and if I had worn a jacket it would have been perfect. In my opinion, avoid Tavern on the Park. We ate 

there because we were starving and, while the views were fabulous, the food was sub-par.

Rusty's 10 mile run Saturday ended on the 50-yard line at Soldier Field. We watched him cross the finish line from inside the stadium. 

We all celebrated in the parking lot with thousands of other runners at a morning concert drinking green shakes. I had really worked up an appetite  doing all that clapping. 

We enjoyed lunch at Summer House near Lincoln Park and it was probably our best meal all weekend so much in fact we came back the next morning for cinnamon rolls, pancakes and sunrise cocktails. We were not counting calories over Memorial Day weekend. 

After walking around the Lincoln Park area we decided to nap and meet up at Navy Pier. It was a zoo! 

While our hotel was close to most attractions, we took an Uber just about everywhere. For the most part, it was inexpensive and convenient. I wouldn't think of trying to navigate around downtown in our own car; finding a parking space would be next to impossible on a holiday weekend. And in the midst of thousands of people who do I meet? Loyal FOX19 NOW viewers! 

I was standing in line waiting to board our Seadog boat tour when I was approached by a couple from Cincinnati who recognized me from the morning show. I was flattered! It just goes to show you what a small world we live in and how many awesome FOX19 NOW viewers we really have. Thank you! 

I highly suggest taking the architectural boat tour, (also on Groupon) we learned so much about the city through the canal and its skyline
plus our guide was quite the comedian. 

We ate dinner at Lou Malnati's Pizzeria on North Wells. This is classic deep dish pizza, but the crust isn't super thick (my favorite) and the chocolate chip cookie pizza to finish off the meal was heavenly. 

Every Saturday until Labor Day at 10:15 p.m. Navy Pier puts on a fireworks display. We grabbed a drink at Trump Tower to watch. 

But plan to arrive at least a half hour early to make sure you can score a table and ignore the snobby hostess. The drinks aren't cheap, but the view
is worth it.

We got a late start Sunday and ate at Summer House again. If this place is packed don't let the hostess try to convince you to eat next door, it's lacking.

Everyone told us Summer House is known for their English muffins. I really don't understand why, skip these and indulge in anything else. 

We stopped at Hancock Tower hoping to avoid crowds, and we did. We spent an additional $7 to try ‘The Tilt', it allows you
to look stand on a ledge that tilts at a 30 degree angle and it is freaky! It only lasts 75 seconds but feels much longer, we bought the overpriced pictures too because you're not allowed to take a selfie (tear). 

It rained most of Sunday which wasn't a problem for us because we stayed inside exploring the aquarium and Field Museum. We wrapped up our day with dinner at Au Cheval on Halstead and Girl & the Goat across the street. Au Cheval serves to-die-for burgers and great craft beer. Girl & the Goat is more upscale, so we decided to save money and room for dessert and enjoy after dinner coffee at Girl & the Goat. 

Are you tired yet? We were, but kept on walking to inhale as much of the city as we could before we passed out from exhaustion.

On our way out of town, we stopped at Do-Rite Donuts (heavenly) a half dozen and two coffees will set you back nearly $20, but if you like Old Fashioned donuts grab a few to go. 

My birthday is in August, and we plan to go back. We would like to catch a Cub's game, explore Wrigleyville and other neighborhoods that are less touristy. 

Any suggestions for our next trip?

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