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Betsy Ross: Storm the field? That'll cost you

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If you are a Big Blue Believer in Mark Stoops' football program at the University of Kentucky, you envision the day when the Wildcats pull off the big upset over, let's say, Alabama at home.

We'd expect fans to storm the field in celebration.

Except now in the SEC and elsewhere, it's going to be an expensive party.

This past week at conference meetings the SEC voted to fine member schools $50,000 the first time fans storm the field (it used to be a $5,000 fine).

The fine doubles to $100,000 for the second violation and jumps to $250,000 for the third incident and beyond.

The Big 12 also is upping the fines and threatening the loss of home games if schools fail to keep fans from storming fields and basketball courts.

If you think it's just another way to take the fun out of the game, think about this: Two seasons ago three USC fans were hurt when the crowd stormed the field after the Trojans' upset win over Stanford.

In 2011 more than a dozen were hurt, two critically, when Oklahoma State fans celebrated their win over Oklahoma.

It's fun to celebrate a big win, but we've seen it can be dangerous, as well. Heavier penalties just might be enough to encourage schools to increase security at games, and for fans to keep the celebration in the stands, not on the field.

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