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Mayor: Shootings are "the number one issue the city is dealing with right now"

(PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Shawn Lanier) (PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Shawn Lanier)

Mayor John Cranley and Police Chief Jeffery Blackwell say they are serious about getting together a 90-day action plan to reduce the violence.

Their goal is to make sure a surge in shootings last month does not continue for the entire summer - one in which hundreds of thousands of people are expected Downtown for the All--Star Game.

"There are too way too many shootings and it's the number one issue the city is dealing with right now," Cranley told FOX19 NOW Tuesday.

Shootings are at a 10-year-high in Cincinnati, an alarming statistic that ironically comes on the heels of an all-time low in overall violence in 2014.

The mayor said he knows there is a national trend of increased violence in cities such as Chicago and Baltimore, but that trend is not acceptable here.

"Last year, the thing we were doing got us to a good place,” the mayor said. “We had low crime numbers. Obviously, something different is going on right now."

City Manager Harry Black has given Blackwell until Friday to outline a plan.

"Well, we're working on the plan right now as we speak,” Blackwell said Tuesday. “We're diligently putting together what we think is going

to be a very comprehensive strategy for the summer violence."

Blackwell said he has not made any decisions regarding the specifics, but he said he knows there is more work to be done before anything is finalized.

"It's going to be inclusive, not only to what internal folks are saying, but I want to incorporate what the community wants as well,” he said.

Cincinnati Works is one of the community outreach programs which wants to help give alternatives to gun violence. They work in communities giving people jobs and even support families who are suffering from gun violence.

Mitch Morris understands it will take a village to stop the recent spike in shootings.

"We got to all come together,” Morris said Tuesday. “Whether it's the police, the community, the churches, we all got to get involved."

Meanwhile, the mayor is eager for a solution.

"We'll try something new if that doesn't work we'll try something new again,” Cranley said. “We got to keep trying new things until we figure out how to reduce this violence."

Blackwell will hold two town hall meetings, the first on Thursday and a second on Friday to receive input from the community on what really needs to happen to reduce violence.

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