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Community based initiative aims to reduce surge in crime

(Source: Gordon Graham, FOX19 NOW) (Source: Gordon Graham, FOX19 NOW)
CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A coalition of clergy, elected officials and community activists are launching an initiative to fight the rising tide of crime.
Supporters say the initiative takes a holistic approach and targets the root causes of crime.

State Rep. Alicia Reece (D) says they plan to set up an organization, similar to 3CDC, to focus on sections of the Black community impacted by crime and try to make a difference. 

“Reducing crime, reducing unemployment and creating economic development that comes from the bottom up from the community,” Reece said. 

A sentiment echoed by City councilman Wendell Young, who defends Chief Blackwell, emphasizing a more holistic approach. 

“Charging the police chief with reducing violence in the city all by himself is short-sighted and likely to fail. Police departments do not exist in a vacuum. They cannot be successful without community support,” Young said.

Young says it takes a tremendous amount of money and effort to successfully fight crime, admitting this initiative won't be cheap. 

"There are going to be some who holler it's too much money because it takes 50-million dollars to make this work. I will offer to you that we can make this work for less than the cost of a human life,” Young said. 

Young says city hall will be asked to make a contribution. 

“We're not expecting the city, we're not asking the city to put in 50-million dollars. We plan to raise the money from the city, from the county, from the state, the federal government, from foundations and other organizations who would like to be involved in what we're proposing to do,” Young said.

Organizers believe the business community has an interest in reducing crime so they'll be asked to help fund the crime initiative and Thursday the organizers will discuss their plan with police chief Jeffrey Blackwell.
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