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Another Side Of Kerry Coombs

FOX19 - Tricia: How would you describe yourself?
Kerry: I can tell you this I don't have a bad day and I am very fortunate to not have a bad day and so I just get out of bed and go to work.
T: You are never against kids you are always with kids, don't you agree? Isn't that a big part of who you are?
K: who could ever be against kids? I mean to me that is so silly, I love kids. I think the joy that comes from watching a person particularly
a young man how he changes how he does anything is remarkable and to watch them change their life is truly incredible and rewarding and fun.
T: Why did you become a coach?
K: I love to compete and I probably had a pretty good idea that I wasn't going to be a good enough player to compete for a long long time,
but I love the game of football and I wanted to be around it so I got into coaching and teaching because I wanted to be able to share that with some kids.
T: Tell me about your typical day?
K: what we say at Ohio State is that when you work a 12 hour day that's a half day vacation. We work hard and I recruited the state up
north, the state of Indiana, the state of Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Virginia, DC, in the last 24 days.
T: Tell me about your family. How many kids do you have?
K: three children.
T: How does it effect them?
K:  It's been wonderful, my wife and I grew up two miles apart and we both went to Colerain high school and our kids went to Colerain
High School, we are true west siders and you never leave so I think it was great for our family at least I think it was. I got to coach my older son, I never really coached my daughter but I went to all of her games and I was her biggest fan and my youngest
son got short changed a little bit because I went to coach college ball and didn't get to coach him at the high school level but our entire family went to the national championship game they are amerced in what I am doing. My older son coaches for the Bengals
now and we are all amerced in what he is doing. I think we are very close and I love them more than breathing. My wife is a wonderful woman, I saw her for the first time in seventh grade she was wearing white tube socks with two little red stripes and she
was playing basketball and I knew that was the one. It took her 5 years to get her to go out with me and she was special. She was the elementary school principal in our district when we were all at Colerain together. We were all in this great big thing together,
it was neat.
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