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Police association: We support the chief

Jeffrey Blackwell (FOX19 NOW file) Jeffrey Blackwell (FOX19 NOW file)
CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The pews at the Church of the Living God in Cincinnati are empty but on Sunday parishioners do hear the word of God. They're also talking about the city's increase in violence.
“We talk about the issues in our city, whether it be from politics to street car to budget to reform especially this issue about violence. The recent uptick in our violent behavior in our city,” said Pastor Ennis Tate.

Tate sites being proactive, such as reporting crime to police he also believes in prayer and having a strategy to combat the issues.
“We can't just come out there and just haphazardly do things it has to be strategic. It has to be planned. It has to be calculated,” Tate said.
On Cincinnati police chief Jeffrey Blackwell's end, things need to be calculated by Friday. City Manager Harry Black has given Blackwell and the police department until Friday to come up with a 90-day violence reduction plan.
“I don't expect anything radical or radically different from what the strategies and the tactics are now. What I do expect is that I'll see some tweaks,” said Black.
Amidst working on this plan, Blackwell has supporters who are strongly behind their chief. Saying that he supports the community. Sentinel Police Association who works to keep job fairness and police discipline, spoke out after a closed door meeting.
"Through that conversation. I'm here to let the world know that the Sentinels Police Association supports chief Jeffery Blackwell a hundred percent. We have his back to keep this department going forward not never taking a step back,” Sentinel Police Association Phil Black.
FOX19 NOW was told that the chief was in attendance at the meeting.

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