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Kara Sewell: Let's Talk

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When you've been with someone for nearly a decade sometimes you run out of things to say. Let's be honest, you can only talk about the dog so often.

My husband and I don't have kids and worked together for years; so, to encourage communication growth - and frankly add more interest - we invested in conversation starters.

You can find them online by conducting a simple Google search, but sometimes literally taking turns pulling one out of a box can be more fun.

I found a slew of boxes at High Street on Reading Road near downtown Cincinnati. I picked the box, ‘Not Your Mom's Dinner Party' conversation starters by Table Topics.

Ideas include: When did you get into the most trouble as a teenager? Who is the most inspirational person alive today? Or Boxers, briefs or nothing at all?! You get the idea.

Invariably these topics leads to bigger discussions and typically much laughter.

A few weeks ago my husband and I took our box of topics (and Bailey) to an OTR bar and started asking away. We chatted for more than an hour and I learned some meaningful things in the middle of a downtown bar; like I still really enjoy dating my husband. Cue the aww!

We're communicating more than ever before with texting, email, twitter and Facebook but I'm convinced nothing will ever beat old fashioned face to face conversation and as a spouse/friend/sister/daughter

I think it's important to open my ears and gain a deeper understanding of the people in your life. And there is no shame in using whatever tools you can to keep the conversation growing.

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