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Cincinnati police chief’s schedule released to FOX19 NOW

The 83-page document shows Blackwell's schedule since 2013. (PHOTO: Provided) The 83-page document shows Blackwell's schedule since 2013. (PHOTO: Provided)

The city of Cincinnati has released police chief Jeffrey Blackwell's daily schedule to FOX19 through the state's open records act. We requested the schedule April 28, but the city didn't release it until today after the city's law department redacted information the city deemed the public couldn't see.

The schedule the city released to us covers the period from Oct. 2, 2013 through future meetings through Sept. 1, 2015. The city redacted several items from the chief's schedule.

The schedule shows a busy police chief with Blackwell holding multiple meetings inside and outside of his office. Since the chief took office 87 weeks ago, his spokeswoman tells FOX19 NOW Blackwell has worked 57 Saturdays and 32 Sundays. Most of those days, spokeswoman Tiffaney Hardy said, were more than eight hour days.

Blackwell worked seven straight days in 15 weeks since he took office, Hardy added, and Blackwell's taken three days off in the 20 months on the job.

Hardy did not provide itemized timesheets with the chief's schedule for verification.

The schedule shows weekly meetings with community groups and the city's elected officials, as well as, regular meetings with officers and department leaders.

The schedule does include brief descriptions of each meeting: the date, time, location and with whom the chief's meeting.

None of the meetings since April 1 specifically mention shootings or spikes in violence in the city, but several of Blackwell's meetings were with the Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Crime unit, which was set up in 2007 to dramatically reduce gun violence and associated homicides. Inside those meetings, statistics involving gun crimes inside the city are presented and discussed with CPD decision makers.

If you'd like to see Chief Jeffrey Blackwell's complete public schedule, click here.

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