Did School District Really Lose Vote?

A school district lost its plea for more revenue - or did it? Taxpayers in the Lakota School District narrowly defeated a levy hike Tuesday night. More than 26,000 people voted. The school district lost by just 29 votes, but with 200 provisional ballots yet to be counted, there's still a chance the levy could pass.

Without the added revenue, Lakota will have to cut $5 million from its budget. That means eliminating 60 positions throughout the district, getting rid of junior high school sports and providing the minimum required bussing. It also means plans to build two new schools and add on to the two high schools are put indefinitely on hold.

Right now, homeowners living in the district pay almost 33 mills, which amounts to about $1000 dollars a year on a $100,000 home. Lakota was asking for another 7.7 mills, or an additional $235 a year from that same $100,000 home owner.

The tally on the levy vote will be made official on February 22. We'll know by then if the vote is reversed. If it's not, the cuts go into effect in the fall.