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Charge dropped in comedian arrest

(Source: Frankie Jupiter, FOX19 NOW) (Source: Frankie Jupiter, FOX19 NOW)
CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A local comedian, Forest Thomer, who's no stranger to the law when it comes to his jokes and promotions is no longer facing a disorderly conduct charge.
During the Taste of Cincinnati, Forest Thomer held a sign, which contained expletives. He was using the sign to promote his book. It caught the attention many people including police, who placed him under arrest and charged him. The city has decide to dismiss the disorderly conduct charge.
“I'm just really excited that's I didn't have to spend another few months, 6 months or whatever it takes fighting the city. You know them trying to make an example out of me again,” said Thomer.
Thomer was arrested before for what he called freedom speech. His charge was later dismissed. He sued the city for that arrest and won.
“I never thought I was doing anything illegal and obviously I wasn't doing anything illegal, otherwise I would keep winning these battle,” said Thomer.
He feel as if he is being targeted by police and says people are free to have their opinions.
“There's nothing wrong with people not liking you. There's nothing wrong with people being offended. If you want to be offended be offended. Be offended over real things. Get upset over real problems,” said Thomer.
“I'm not going to take this stuff off my car, why would I take it off my car?”
Thomer hasn't said if he plans to sue the city again.
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