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Child throws punches in video of Walmart fight

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[The embedded videos contain strong language and may be disturbing to some. Viewer discretion is advised.]

A fight between two shoppers in the Walmart beauty aisle spiraled out of control when a young boy got involved in the brawl.

The videotaped incident happened last week in Beech Grove, Indiana and has gone viral since being posted to YouTube.

Two women began arguing inside the store before one of them jumps off her mobility scooter, escalating the situation into a fistfight.

The video shows the women wrestling each other to the ground when the boy enters the frame and hits one of the women with a shampoo bottle.

One of the women can be heard encouraging the boy to throw a punch while bystanders try to deter him from participating.

“You can't tell me to stop,” the child replies to the onlookers as they debate whether or not to get involved.

Police or security guards are never seen in the two separate videos. The videos are titled 'Beech Grove Walmart fight part 1 and 2' and show nearly five minutes of the brawl. 

Walmart spokesman Aaron Mullins told The Blaze that management called police about 90 seconds after the fight began and that officials showed up eight minutes later.

Walmart policy reportedly prohibits store security from interfering in physical incidents, but Mullins said the store had personnel nearby to “monitor and make sure customers were safe.”

Beech Grove Police say they are considering charges against the women and could involve the Department of Child Services in the investigation, reports WXIN.

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