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Chief: Man killed in police-involved shooting pointed rifle directly at officer

(PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Dave Smith) (PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Dave Smith)
Quandavier Hicks, provided photo. Quandavier Hicks, provided photo.

Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell says the man killed in a police-involved shooting pointed a rifle directly at two officers when they responded to his Northside residence.

Quandavier Hicks, 22, was shot by an officer after police were called to investigate an aggravated assault complaint on Chase Avenue near Gordon Street a about 11:20 p.m. on Tuesday.

A 911 caller told dispatchers that Hicks was threatening her and had a history of firearm use.

When officers knocked on the door, Hicks pulled out a rifle and a brief struggle ensued, said Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell.

Blackwell said Officer Justin Moore unsuccessfully attempted to grab the rifle muzzle before his partner, Officer Doris Scott, fired a single shot that hit Hicks in the torso. He died at the scene.

"As good as he is, I don't see him doing it because he'll give you the shirt off his back and do anything,” said Hicks' uncle, Bobby Thompson.

The gun was loaded with ten rounds in the magazine, according to Blackwell.

“Based on the facts known to us right now, we think the officer protected his partner officer and himself,” said Blackwell. The incident will be investigated by several agencies before it is determined if the officers responded in-policy.

Hicks has a felony drug conviction that prohibits him from owning a firearm. Blackwell says investigators are also looking into his criminal record in Georgia.

"It's hard once you talk to somebody, you see them one day, then they're gone,” Thompson said.

A crowd of about 20 bystanders gathered near the scene Tuesday night and some grew emotional. Two people were arrested, including a man who ripped down yellow crime scene tape.

The chief said officers will keep an extra watch on Northside and the district five area for retaliatory acts.

“We need to be collaborative in our response and we do not want things to escalate into a retaliatory environment,” said Blackwell.

"We don't know if Hicks was committing any kind of crime or was in the midst of something or not. But, whatever it was, we don't automatically assume that means you're worthy of being shot and executed on the spot,” said Brian Taylor with Black Lives Matter Cincinnati.

Taylor works with Black Lives Matter Cincinnati, and they're speaking out about the shooting that killed Hicks, and the much-talked about violence-cutting campaign from Cincinnati Police.

"We don't but it. We don't buy this campaign. We want to get to the bottom of this particular case. But not just this one. There's all kinds of other cases in Cincinnati history that just fall away,” Taylor said.

Black Lives Matter Cincinnati said on Wednesday that they see Blackwell's plan leading to brutal police sweeps in black communities, enhanced criminalization of blacks and excessive force.

“We condemn Chief Blackwell's sympathy campaign in the press, the idea that Cincinnati should be heralded as a national model for policing and stand firmly against his call for more police throughout Cincinnati's black working class communities. Blackwell's call for enhanced police presence throughout Cincinnati will result in brutal police sweeps in black communities, enhanced criminalization of black people throughout the city and an increase in excessive force in particularly impoverished communities of color,” the group said in a statement posted to their Facebook page.

"What we're saying is our starting point is the democratic rights, the freedom and the ability to engage with each other in our communities free from harassment,” said Taylor.

The group also demanded from police the release of those arrested near the scene Tuesday night and cleared of charges, the release of officers involved, the release of any video related to the shooting and a transparent investigation from the Cincinnati Police Department.

“We stand with Quandavier Hicks' family in this challenging moment and call for an immediate release of all details of police conduct in this shooting,” the statement read.

This is the third police-involved shooting this year. There were three total police-involved shootings in 2014.

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