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Kara Sewell: I don't want to go to Mars!

Introducing 'Walk the Moon' was much easier than a mission to Mars. Introducing 'Walk the Moon' was much easier than a mission to Mars.

During the Bunbury Musical Festival I had the privilege to introduce a few of the bands, including Cincinnati's own Walk The Moon.

The task was simple, go out on stage with my favorite morning meteorologist

Frank Marzullo and get the crowd excited about hearing Shut Up And Dance.

I've never had a problem speaking in front of a crowd; it doesn't mean I like it either. I can't even guess how many people were in the crowd but it was several hundred. And I know they weren't there to see us, nevertheless, all I could think was glad I'm not afraid of public speaking!

My poor husband sweats even when we play charades with a big group of friends. It's just not his thing.

Now that we've established what I'm not afraid of let's talk about my biggest fear, doesn't that sound like fun?! I'm in the mood to share.

I'm claustrophobic!

It's not very original but just thinking about a tight space makes me breathe heavy. I knew this fact years ago but it wasn't until a fabulous trip to the World of Disney that it hit a fever pitch. Because who hasn't had a panic attack at the happiest place on earth?

We were standing in line to ride ‘Mission to Mars' at Epcot. Keep in mind the entire time Gary Sinise a la Apollo 13 keeps telling visitors during his recorded ‘flight plan' that if you have a problem with small, enclosed spaces you should not take part in the ride.

I look at my mom who reassures me it's all part of the drama and I will be fine. It's Disney! How bad can it be?

I ignored warning sign number one. We step onto the ride, which I kid you not is like a standing coffin. So Gary should have really said, z'if you don't like being buried live run the other way!”

The ride seats/stands four people. And as soon as the door shut I knew I made

a big mistake. I mean, what sort of ride has a fully enclosed door? I wasn't planning on using the restroom; I didn't need that much privacy.

First, a screen comes down inches away from your face to simulate you're on a rocket ship then a harness tightens around your shoulders. In the midst of what is my turning into my worst nightmare, the ride spins like crazy.

That was it! I started pounding on the door for the ride attendant to “let me out! I can't do this!”

I'm screaming at this point and all I can hear is Gary Sinise talking about how we're about to leave. Um, no! I don't want to go to Mars!

I start crying, hyperventilating and for a few seconds I'm certain I will pass out; I couldn't catch my breath. My mom grabs my hand and attempts

her best calm down voice as the rocket simulator takes off. Screwed! Look like I'm going to Mars.

I cried the entire way and praise the Lord we didn't have to return to earth. It took me about an hour to regain my composure, my mom felt terrible and my brothers

rejoiced how much they liked the ride.

I will refrain from typing what I was really thinking.

I learned some valuable lessons that day at Disney. #1 Listen to Gary Sinise! #2 some fears don't have to be conquered and #3 Never ride Mission to Mars.

Do you have any irrational or rational fears? Or am I just a weenie? Don't answer that.

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