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Norwood police crackdown trouble spots

(Source: Gordon Graham, FOX19 NOW) (Source: Gordon Graham, FOX19 NOW)
NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) - During the past few months much of our attention has been focused on the spike in violence that's been plaguing Cincinnati, but one local community is experiencing problems of their own.

Less than 20 minutes north of downtown the community of Norwood is having its own problems with crime.

Statistics indicate you have a one-in-15 chance of being the victim of a property crime in Norwood which is more than twice the state average. On a safety scale of 100 Norwood scores a three for the entire country.

Norwood police officer Mark Niehaus says a decision was made to shed some light on the situation. 

“We've installed these flood lights just to light up the general area because this is our problem area pretty much this block right here,” Niehaus said. 

It's hoped that the construction lights set up Thursday night will cut down on the problems. Dozens of kids, teens and young adults congregate along this section of Norwood's Carter Avenue and Niehaus says lately the gatherings have led to trouble. 

“Standing in the way of the passing cars and they don't get out of the way, they yell at people as they're driving by,” Niehaus said. 

Niehaus says the lights seem to put a damper on crime. 

“Lights help in identifying. Light in general at night is a general deterrence for crime so we put them up last night so from what I understand we didn't have any runs down here, no issues whereas the past week or so it's been a big problem every night," Niehaus said. 
A persistent problem that has residents like Joe Smith at their wits end. 

“There's fights on this corner, there's drugs on this corner. I'm 65-years-old I don't need to fight,” Smith said. 

Smith says the problem is too many kids with not enough to do and no parental supervision. 

“Their parents are lost in space somewhere and they have no control over their kids. They need parent training classes to get them off the street,” Smith said. 

In addition to the construction lights Norwood police are stepping up their presence in the area and they are strictly enforcing all laws because the citizens say they want their streets back. 

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