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Skydiver missed target, hits Middletown roof

The spot where the skydiver landed (Source: Lisa Hutson, FOX19 NOW) The spot where the skydiver landed (Source: Lisa Hutson, FOX19 NOW)
MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - If you are going to jump out of a plane, the most important step may be figuring out the landing. But for one first time skydiver, that landing became pretty tricky once she realized she was flying over a city.

A woman skydiving missed her landing spot and crash landed on the roof a Middletown home Saturday afternoon.

Instructors say she went through the course just fine. 

The victim's name is not being released but she had two instructors with her during the freefall portion of the jump but once her chute opened, she told instructors she blacked out and made a terrifying but lucky landing.

Officials say the skydiver crashed landed on the roof of a home on Tytus Avenue between Washington and Mary Etta streets at around 1 p.m. in Butler County. The skydiver landed on the roof of Cathy Albin's house.

"Evidently where she hit the top and then she fell down and landed, her whole body was on the white part of the roof," Albin said.

Albin says she heard a big "thud" right outside her second floor apartment.

But what she heard next was even more unusual.

"When she hollered 'Help!', we heard it and it sounded like it was real close but we couldn't find where it was coming from until the second time when she said 'Help!' I happened to look up and she was laying there," Albin said.

Gene Newsom says that woman happened to be a skydiving student at Ohio State University doing her first solo jump from Start Skydiving in Middletown.

She along with 11 others took more than 8 hours of training and had two instructors throughout her jump but once the parachute's up to the jumper to land. This jumper missed her 600 acre landing zone by half a mile.

The woman was removed safely from the roof and transported to an area hospital.  Middletown officials say she suffered non-life threatening injuries and a broken ankle.

"Where she landed at, it's amazing she didn't get hurt. Landing on a roof? 20 feet up in the air? She could have fallen off and gotten hurt. Going between power lines, I mean there are all kinds of obstacles in the city," Newsom said.

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