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Rob Williams: Urban outlaw thrills local auto enthusiats

(PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Rob Williams) (PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Rob Williams)

That scruffy looking, tall guy with long waist defying dreads is a rock star. Not in a grudge band as you might expect. He's a rock star to car enthusiasts. Especially among enthusiasts who love the iconic 911 Porsche.

His name is Magnus Walker. He's an Englishman and accidental businessman. A self-taught mechanic, Walker restores vintage 911 Porsches with a rock-and-roll touch and attitude. He says it was a hobby that just got out of control. Walker bought his first 911 Porsche in 1992 for $12,000. He put in a bigger engine and added rims. In all, spending about $30,000 in modifications.

10 years later he sold the car for $12,000. What he paid for it. That was before he earned his reputation as the most prized restorer of 911 Porsches. Recently, he sold his customized 1972 Porsche 911 for more than $300,000. He went at the Concours d'elegance at Ault Park over the weekend. The only thing that is coming at him at a faster clip, are business opportunities.

About a dozen producers want to shoot reality TV shows. People also want him to customize a Porsche for them, to which he replies: “"I don't build cars for people; I build for myself and occasionally I sell.”

He's reportedly been approached by several non-Porsche brands for his maverick design expertise, including Nike, Oakley, Volvo and Bentley.

"Well, that would be a great opportunity," he replies with a wry grin. "But I'm a Porsche guy."

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