Baby Drowns in Bathtub

Police are investigating the drowning of a baby girl. One-year-old Jaden Roberts died Thursday morning. Police say she drowned in a bathtub. Investigators were called to the baby's house in Sedamsville, after a neighbor called 911. Police were still interviewing witnesses Thursday night, but said all reports are that the baby's mother turned her back for just a minute while the child stayed in the tub. Police have not yet determined if it was criminal or simply a tragic mistake.

Childcare experts say those types of mistakes can happen to any parent. Dr. Richard Ruddy, of Children's Hospital, tells Fox 19, "The good news is it's a relatively rare event that probably happens 50 or 75 times a year in this country and it probably, of those, still probably a half are occurring in bathtubs or bathtubs equivalents." In 1999, six people drowned in Hamilton County. One of them was under a year old, two were between the ages of one and four, and one was between the ages of 15 and 19 years old.

These mishaps do not have to be fatal. According to Dr. Ruddy, many children can be saved if they're found soon enough. He suggests parents learn CPR. You can find out about classes through the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association.