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Incident at Fairfield pool sparks excessive force claims

(PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Gordon Graham) (PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Gordon Graham)

An incident at a Fairfield swimming pool last week where police were dispatched is being called outrageous by a local civil rights activist.

Fairfield police Chief Mike Dickey said people will draw their own conclusions after looking at the video tape from the aquatic center, but he stands by his officers and said they acted appropriately.

The video showed police arresting a 12 year-old girl. It started when a teenage boy was asked to leave the pool because he wasn't dressed properly. The boy's aunt, Krystal Dixon, came to the pool to pick him up along with several other kids in the group.

Police said Dixon became verbally abusive, but Dixon said she wasn't and that part of the incident wasn't caught on camera.

However, Dickey said what is clear is that officers struggled to bring the situation under control.

“If you view the entire camera video it is clear that she was struggling with the officer," said Dickey. "He put her on the car to keep her under control while he handcuffed her and immediately released her after that and stepped back.”

The police chief believes his officers were being attacked and had a right to defend themselves, but Bishop Bobby Hilton saw the event it differently. “They said the 12 year-old was assaulting somebody and resisting arrest," said Hilton. "He's going to grab this 12 year-old by the neck, slam her up against the police car and this young lady, a 12 year-old, sustained multiple injuries.”

Krystal Dixon and Maya Dixon have each been charged with disorderly conduct. A judge on Wednesday released them from jail and ordered they appear back at Fairfield municipal court on July 8.

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