Newborn Tossed Story-Not True

Woman who claimed to see baby tossed from car had actually given birth to him

It turns out that it wasn't true -- the story about a newborn baby being tossed from a car in Florida.

Instead, authorities now say that the woman who claimed to have seen that happen -- and who brought the baby to police -- made it up. They say she had given birth to the baby herself, but didn't want to keep him. The sheriff in Broward County says the woman had kept her pregnancy a secret from her family and others.

She's identified as 38-year-old Patricia Pokriots. She hasn't been charged. The sheriff says the baby was born yesterday afternoon, about an hour before the woman dropped him off at a sheriff's substation. He describes the woman as "disturbed," and says she's been committed to a hospital.

The baby, who's being called "Johnny," is doing well at a hospital. Authorities have been flooded with inquiries from people interested in adopting him. But they say as of now, he's not up for adoption.