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Kara Sewell: Buy or rent?

Designer Marc Jacobs said, “To me, clothing is a form of self-expression – there are hints about who you are, in what you wear.” I couldn't agree more.

I'm frequently asked about my on-air wardrobe. Where do you get your clothes? Does the station buy your outfits? How big is your closet? That answer to that last question is, never big enough! On camera, solid colors always look better than patterns. Sadly, most of those solid color sheath dresses are sleeveless and since I don't have Michelle Obama arms I would prefer to keep them covered.

Why not wear a jacket you ask? I do, but they can be bulky and unflattering on-air. I digress. While my wardrobe is not small, it's by no means vast and I have to get creative with accessories to make the same outfit look a little different; a belt and new necklace can do wonders.

Recently, I was introduced to a new concept getting rave reviews: Rent the Runway. The concept is simple; you rent a dress, jacket or jewelry for a few days and return them with no damage.

The clothing is high end with designers like Trina Turk, BCBG and Rebecca Minkoff. Dresses can rent from $35-$300 depending on the designer, fabric and demand. So, last week I decided to rent a few dresses I would never buy (unless I won the lottery) and what do you know - I loved them!

First, you can see what a dress looks like on a real person before putting it in your cart. Let's be honest the leggy, size 2 model is just not a realistic representation of what it will look like on my person.

Second, you can order two sizes in case one doesn't fit (genius!) And lastly, the website suggests accessories that could work with the outfit for as low as $5!

I swear I'm not getting paid to give this review but I've had such a good experience I signed up for the unlimited waitlist. The idea of renting clothes works for me; I can try new things, in great condition, whether it's for work or an event I'm emceeing without having to spend a lot of money committed to one outfit.

I'm not swearing off buying clothes but for now I can't walk into my closet and announce, “I don't have anything to wear!” That's a nice change (see what I did there?)

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