Poll: Bush To Slip In Approval Rating

AP Poll: Older Americans key to slip in Bush approval rating

The public's confidence in President Bush's job performance and the nation's direction is slipping, particularly among people 50 and older. An Associated Press poll finds adults, who were evenly divided on Bush's job performance in January, now disapprove by 54 percent to 45 percent. The number who think the country is headed down the wrong track increased from 51 percent to 58 percent in the past month. The survey wasn't all bad. People are slightly more optimistic about the possibility of a stable, democratic Iraq. The poll, conducted for the AP by Ipsos-Public Affairs, was taken after the president's State of the Union address and the elections in Iraq. Older Americans, especially those 65 and above, are most responsible for Bush's declining numbers. People between 30 and 50 are about evenly split. Most Republicans remain strongly supportive.