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City passes 2016 budget


After weeks of debate, city council members unanimously agreed on a budget compromise for fiscal year 2016.

Mayor John Cranley wanted more money for road repairs and emergency services like the police and fire department while some members of council wanted to use those funds for neighborhood projects like new bike trails, bus shelters and a community owned grocery store in Clifton.

In the end, Vice Mayor David Mann says members of council compromised cutting out those neighborhood projects but putting an extra $500,000 into Human Services.

"I think it's worth the trade-off. That's the compromise and I think its good public policy,” said Mann.

Cranley says when it comes to the city's infrastructure, this budget will take care of citizens most basic needs.

"We are going to be increasing the fund for preventative maintenance from $600,000 to 6 million, a thousand percent increase in preventative maintenance and people will start noticing that and feeling that benefit this summer,” said Cranley.

"I don't think any single person sitting up here today would say this is the perfect budget, that if I had gotten to design it unilaterally this is what it would look like unilaterally,” said councilmember P.G. Sittenfeld.

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