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Group demands more details in officer-involved fatal shooting

The group rallied to CPD District 5 headquarters and chanted "Hands up don't shoot." (FOX19 NOW) The group rallied to CPD District 5 headquarters and chanted "Hands up don't shoot." (FOX19 NOW)

A Cincinnati police officer shot and killed Quandavier Hicks, 22, more than a week ago after police officials say he struggled with and pointed a rifle at two officers.

But dozens of people and some of the man's relatives remain upset over the incident and rallied Thursday to demand more information from police.

Demonstrators marched from Jacob Hoffner Park on Hamilton Avenue to Cincinnati Police District 5 on Ludlow Avenue. They are requesting what they call a "transparent investigation" into the shooting. 

Per department policy, Cincinnati police immediately launch several investigations following any police-involved killing and share the facts of the case with the public within 24 hours, if not sooner.

But the group behind the rally, Black Lives Matter: Cincinnati, claims there are inconsistencies in the investigation so far.

Hicks was killed June 9 after police say he pointed a rifle at officers when they were at his door.

Police say they were called to investigate an aggravated assault complaint on Chase Avenue near Gordon Street. A 911 caller told dispatchers that Hicks was threatening her and had a history of firearm use.

When officers knocked on the door, Hicks pulled out a rifle loaded with 10 rounds and a brief struggle ensued, Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell has said.

Officer Justin Moore unsuccessfully tried to grab the rifle muzzle before his partner, Officer Doris Scott, fired a single shot that hit Hicks in the torso. He died at the scene.

But the police explanation of the shooting hasn't soothed Hicks' relatives or Black Lives Matter: Cincinnati.

They say they want to see all evidence including police statements and ballistic reports. They also are calling for the suspension and criminal charging of the two officers.

Hicks' mother told FOX19 NOW on Thursday that she has issues with the information given to her so far, and wants more answers.

“If it causes me to be homeless, it's what I will do," Erica Woods said. "If it causes me to be unemployed, it's what I'm called to do. One thing a mother wants is an answer, a truthful answer, of what happened to their child, and that's what I want. I just want a truthful answer."

Police say they met at length with Hicks' family last week and shared the facts of the case.

"I was confident upon leaving the meeting with his mother and father that we had really cleared the air of some of the misconceptions that were swirling around. I'm a little disappointed that some of those things are still floating out there,”Blackwell said. “There was no sense to mislead anyone. There is absolutely no misconduct or no untruths being told in this matter."

The shooting remains under investigation.

Blackwell said that there is still a “very long way” to go, and that it could take months to finalize an investigation as complex as this.

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