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City pushes moves up date for new police recruits

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Cincinnati Council plans to move the date up for the next Cincinnati Police Department recruit class. It was slated to happen in February, but now council is pushing for it happen to sooner.

"And I am for hiring 100 new officers over the next 36 months, and that we need to find the necessary funding in order to make that happen,” said Councilmember Charlie Winburn.

The next recruit class was originally scheduled for this September, but was pushed back to next February.

City Manager Harry Black said he is on the same page as council.

"We all recognize that we can benefit from additional police officers,” said Black. “We just need to sit down as a team."

Black says the constant shifting in this date speaks to a couple of internal situations.

"It was the preference of the department to push it out to February so that they can take the necessary steps to make certain that they were adequately prepared for the class, and instead of taking on a full year of cost for that, it would be a half year of cost," said Black. “That helps us out from a budgeting standpoint."

Budget and readiness to support and train those new officers. Black will have to adjust a budget that was approved in April, but he says he's moving forward to try and do what's best for the City's safety.

"The joint number that we've been going by in terms of onboard strength as a target is 1024 officers,” said Black.

There is no set timetable for when in September this will happen.

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