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Fallen officer's karate teacher recalls eager student

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Dwight Holley taught Cincinnati police officer Sonny Kim karate as a child. He says Kim was like a son and the reality for him gone is still unreal.

Holley taught a class Monday at Cincinnati Shotokan Karate-Do. It's undoubtedly some of the same moves he taught Kim beginning at the age of nine. Holley recalls the first time he met Kim at a local recreation center, when he worked for the Cincinnati Recreation Committee.

"He was headed to a class at the rec center and so I say, hey kid come here. Where you going? He said I'm going to learn Karate,” said Holley.

At the time Holley was fresh from the military, and taught Japanese karate. Back in Japan, he offered to teach Kim.

"Oh my god he was eager, enthusiastic, full of energy and once he begin training he immersed himself in it,” said Holley.

Kim trained with Holley until he moved to Chicago with his family. But when he came back to the Queen City, he got in touch with Holley and his family. As a child Kim often ate dinner with the Holley family. As he got older, the two still stayed in touch.

"He would go on vacation with us and when he got married and had children they went to vacation, we went to Myrtle Beach together. We would eat at his house we would eat at our house,” said Holley.

Holley describes Kim as someone close to his family.

"He's strictly a family man. You couldn't have asked for better committed family especially this day in age,” said Holley.

The giving spirits and generosity from people all over the world after Kim's death has made a statement.

"It's amazing it's a testament to his legacy. It's a testament to who he was, his character without a doubt was unquestionable,” said Holley.

This Wednesday and Thursday Holley's class we will be attending class at Sensei, Sonny Kim's dojo.

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